What are the components?

The components are, in essence, what you will compose your application. Each component has a few properties that you can modify, a few events that you can manage and methods that you will help to make the application that you want.
How do I add components to my application?

Very easy

You just have to go to Palette > Categories and choose one. Select the component that you want and drag it to the mobile phone.


We will add our component to the device and in the panel components we will be able to select it. In addition in properties, we have different options to change.

In this example we can find different properties: Color background, Enable/ Disable, Font bold, Font italic, Font size , Font family...

And the functions, how do we manage them?
This time we have to go to the section blocks, and select our component. As we can see, by clicking on the component appear to us to block.
  • Event Blocks (Yellow):
    These allow us to define that will happen when you perform an action in concrete. In the case of a button if we define the event On Click, we will be indicating that you must make the button to be pressed.
  • Procedure Blocks (Purple):
    These allow us to automate some of the events. In the case of a button, we can do with the DoClick is pressed automatically.
  • Properties Blocks (Green):
    Finally, the Properties Blocks allow us to change the properties of the component, for example the background color, the font, the size...